My Approach

My personal approach to counselling is integrative drawing on aspects of person-centred, TA, CBT and Psychodynamic theory. My work is based on an understanding of how as humans we operate on many interlinking levels - physical, emotional, behavioural, thinking and spiritual. I view each person as a unique and valuable individual so I tailor my approach and use of interventions, to what I consider most helpful for you, taking into account your preferred style of working and presenting issues. This will mostly be through dialogue but may include creative techniques if you are happy to explore working in this way.

I believe counselling should be a safe space for you to be listened to with compassion and without judgement enabling you to explore your emotions, thoughts, behaviour and the meaning of events for you. I will encourage you to identify what you would like to gain through counselling. Usually we will have a review every 8-10 sessions to see how we're doing and explore any difficulties you may be experiencing in our work together.

Whilst I believe that working on current issues can increase your self-awareness and bring about beneficial changes and but an even deeper level of healing and change may be experienced through gaining understanding of how earlier experiences may be impacting on your current issues.